Things You Should Know Before Hiring Electrical Contractors

Electrical work is very delicate and can be extremely dangerous if not handled by an expert, let me tell how you can hire an expert and what important things you should know before hiring electrical contractors.

Many homeowners and business owners may think that they can handle electrical work themselves, but it can actually be quite dangerous. This is especially true if you aren’t sure what you are doing. Not all electrical works are same, while sometimes minor repair work in needed other times thorough checkup is needed, especially in home and basement renovation and retrofitting work. In order to prevent injury and damage to your home or commercial building, it’s best to hire an electrician, and hiring electrical contractors doesn’t have to be difficult when you do some preparation.

Take a look at the electrician’s hourly rates, but also pay attention to travel charges. Travel charges can have a bigger impact on the final price. Travel charges can have a higher rate for the first hour, a minimum for each visit, or a higher overall hourly rate. If your electrical issue is not an emergency, you can create a list and bundle jobs together in order to save time and money. Electrical contractors in Ottawa can also do a home inspection to see if there are any fault switches, crowed outlets or anything that needs to be repaired.

Prepare for the electrician so the job can be done quicker. Have a list of the items that need to be done beforehand, since they budget for their time. Make sure that the electrical panel box is accessible so you don’t have to pay for extra time. Clear away any fragile items from the area where they are working. Ask questions before electrician start and ask about any potential issues after the work is complete. You may lose power during the time they are working, so make sure you are prepared to pause anything you are currently doing. When you hire electrical contractors in Gloucester, Nepean, Orleans or Ottawa, you should expect them to clear the area to gain necessary access, diagnose the problem, shut off power, do the repairs or installation, and then clean up the area. Keep these things in mind before your next electrical repair work and hire electrician without any stress.

Originally published at on August 16, 2018.

Founded by Richard Salter in 1965, the company has continued to service Ottawa's electrical needs since 1965.

Founded by Richard Salter in 1965, the company has continued to service Ottawa's electrical needs since 1965.